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UV Light Air Purification

Homes would benefit greatly from the use of a UV Light Air Purification system for many reasons. It’s a fact: The air inside your home can be just as polluted, if not more tainted, than the air outdoors. Tobacco smoke, fireplaces, kerosene heaters, wood-burning stoves, household cleansers and paint are all common sources of indoor air pollution.

If you have a central or forced-air heating and air conditioning system—one that moves air to the rooms inside your house through a set of ducts—you may be relying on the air filters (which are part of your HVAC system) to protect you and your family from the harmful contaminants that circulate through your home’s air.

And it’s true—these filters can be very effective at removing many airborne toxins (such as vaporized chemicals) that would otherwise make their way back into the air stream. The problem is, most air filters only remove particles up to a certain size.


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