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You spend a majority of your time in your home, whether it be sleeping, playing, eating, or just relaxing. The air you breathe should be clean and clear. However, your home’s air can be filled with nasty contaminants such as bacteria, mold, allergens, pollen and dust. 

Assured Comforts duct cleaning specialists are experts in cleaning vents, ducts and supply grills while removing contaminants from your breathable air. With a industry-specific vacuum, accumulated dirt and grim are removed much like a chimney sweeper cleans your chimney. 

For the homeowner, this means having to dust less often, fewer allergy problems, bacteria and mold elimination and better air quality for your family.


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Keith Aikens

“I’ve been an Assured Comfort customer for years. Service is always good. The prices are reasonable and the technicians are efficient and professional.”