Are HVAC Home Comfort Agreements Worth It?

Assured Comfort technician performing furnace filter change in Atlanta, GA, home.

Nobody wants more bills to pay, but when it comes to HVAC Home Comfort agreements, many homeowners appreciate their many benefits and advantages. The maintenance visits that HVAC Home Comfort service agreements provide make the deal well worth the expense. For instance, annual HVAC maintenance is necessary to ensure that your heating and cooling systems […]

Diagnose Manual And Automatic Zone Damper Issues

Are you having trouble regulating temperature within your home? Chances are, the larger your house is, the harder it will be to regulate the temperature inside it to keep everyone comfortable and happy. These issues can result in areas that are too hot in the summertime and too drafty and cold in the wintertime. As […]

How Humidity Affects Your Home’s HVAC System

The air cannot hold high levels of moisture during the cold winter months. This results in very dry air for much of winter, which can affect your home’s heating system. Not only that, dry air feels cooler than humid air. This means that if the air in your home is particularly dry, it can make […]

Low Payment Options

Coming up with the money for big purchases can be challenging. Even if you have the money, you might want to use it for something other than a new air conditioner or a sewer pipe. That’s why Assured Comfort offers low financing options. Payment plans give you a chance to spread the cost out over […]

How Long Should You Keep Your Furnace?

The most crazy secret is your furnace can last as long as you want it to! What we mean is, there is not date when a furnace needs to be replaced. People can simply fix what’s wrong. But here’s why that may not be a great idea: There are two primary reasons that people replace their […]

HVAC Repair Questions Answered

If you have never faced a HVAC breakdown situation, it can often be hard to know what to do to get your system back to working order. Finding the right trusted professional can also be a challenge in the technology world of today. Here are some of the more common questions that HVAC home professionals […]

Questions to ask before you hire an HVAC company

Georgia is one of the hottest states in the country during summer, with temperatures hovering around the 80s and 90s almost year round. Atlanta and the surrounding areas are also in a zone that’s considered an Urban Heat Island. Large buildings, bustling population, and transportation cause temperatures to increase. On a hot summer day, those […]

Why is My Home so Drafty?

If yes was your answer to all three of these questions, then let’s take a closer look at where this draft air is coming from.  The air creeping in your home typically comes from around the windows, doors, electrical outlets, recessed lights, and the attic. It is a problem that not only lets the cold air […]

Study Shows New HVACs Save Money

A new study by the U.S. Department of Energy recently showed how much energy new heating and air conditioning system can save on your energy bills. The study looked at the current market: $14 billion that homeowners spent replacing nearly three million heating and cooling systems in 2019. The study found that heating and cooling […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

2019 is here. As you put together your list of habits you want to break and good habits you want to start, don’t forget to add your home to the list of to do’s. Now is a great time to put together a New Year’s resolution list to get your home in tip top shape […]